Differences between ATM and Debit Card

ATM Vs Debit Card:

ATM and Debit card are quite different from each other the major difference between ATM and Debit card is that there is a logo of Visa or MasterCard on the face of the debit card. The amount is deducted from your account when you use a debit card. While in Credit card you are borrowing money which you have to repay later. Both ATM and Debit card allows you to use ATM’s and are very convenient and safe to manage your money.

Difference between Difference Between ATM CARD DEBITE CARD


ATM card is basically a pin-based card. You can use your ATM card to withdraw money also you can use it to pay for your shopping at different malls etc. there is a secret code of an ATM card which the owner sets and uses when needed.

Debit Card:

Debit Card looks like an ATM card. The only difference between Debit card and ATM card is of the Logo. There is a logo of VISA or MasterCard on Debit card whereas there is no logo on any ATM card. There are different banks, restaurants, hotels where you can use your debit card where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Main Difference between ATM and Debit Card:

The following are some of the major differences between ATM and Debit Card.

  • Both ATM cards and Debit cards are plastic cards that looks like a credit cards and are provided by the bank to their customers the main difference between ATM card and Debit card is of the Logo. The single card can have the features of both the ATM card and Debit card at the same time.
  • Both are used to manage the account of the customers but Debit card have a lot more features than of the ATM card.

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