Difference Between Tablet and PDA

Tablet Vs PDA:

Tablet also known by the name of tablet computer or tablet PC is one of a special type of note book computer. Like the touch screen you can interact with the tablet by touching its screen with your finger tips or also by using a digital pen. On the other hand Personal digital assistant shortly PDA is like a smart  phone and allows its users to manage its personal information like using a calculator, making address book, calendar, notes, memos and also a notepad.

Difference Between Tablet and PDA


Tablet computer is a type of notebook computer. In tablet you can interact with it by your fingers or digital pen. There is a tablet known by the name of convertible tablet which also contains keyboard with it. And the other type which is simple like smart phones does not contain keyboard with it. And is called slate tablet it also other means for typing etc in it. Tablet computers are more better than standard computer because it is small in size and you can easily take it with yourself anywhere.

Personal Digital Assistant:

PDA looks just like your smart phone and contains personal information of the user. It contains some basic apps like calendar, calculator, note pad and other apps which are used on daily basis. PDA is a lot different from a smart phone because of its limited features.

Main Difference Between Tablet and PDA:

Tablet is like a mini computer which contains all the features of a computer but the difference is its small in size and have a touch screen feature. On the other hand personal digital assistant is limited to just personal apps and helps user to mange his personal information. The main difference between tablet and pda is tablets have a lot more features than PDA.

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