Difference Between Plotter and Printer

Plotter Vs Printer:

Plotter and printer both devices are used for printing but plotter are more advance than printer which allows you to make high-drawings like maps etc. on the other hand printer is used to make text and graphics on a paper.

Difference Between Plotter and Printer


Advanced type of printers used to make high quality drawings like maps, blueprints etc. plotters are very costly as well as its use plotters are not used commonly they are used for engineering and drafting and some other specialized fields. Plotters are high cost and high performance printers and are used for professional purposes like signs, posters etc. there are more than one automated colors and pens which are used to create different type and colors of designs like blueprints and diagrams etc.


Printer is mainly an output device which makes graphics, pictures, text etc on a paper. Now a days printers have different printing methods, features and speeds depending on their price. The more costly printers have high features as compare to the ones with less price. Users connect their computers to printers and a lot of printers options are available to the users. In the modern age wireless printers are also available which works also on your smart phones and tablets and portable devices. Instead of downloading photos from camera people now a days print these photos directly.

Main Difference Between Plotter and Printer:

Printer are used to print a single line while plotter helps users to print more than one line at the same time. Printer are used only to print the given data to another paper on the other hand with plotter you can do more than a printer it allows you to make different maps and diagrams. While in printer this option is not available.

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