Difference between Graphics and Images

Difference between Graphics and Images:

The main difference between the image and a graphic is graphical image or graphic is a non text information representation for example picture, photo, chart or drawing. And an image which is also known as digital image, still image means the representation of visual information such as graphs, pictures, logos, videos, drawings etc.

Difference between Graphics and Images


Graphical image or graphic is used to present non text information like photo, chart or drawing. These are widely used in web pages. The Web pages uses colorful graphical images and designs to deliver information and convey messages. The web pages generally use two formats which are very common now a days such as GIF and JPEG formats. JPEG which is pronounced as JAY-peg contains graphics used to reduce the size of the file and helps the file to acquire less space in your device. The JPEG is mainly used to maintain a balance between file size and image quality. JPEG format is oftenly used by digital photos. The second is GIF format which is normally pronounced as jiff is used to reduce file size by compression techniques. For the company logos which contains only few different colors the GIF format works very good. Some of the web sites present of internet to save their time uses thumb nails because the graphics can be time consuming to display. A thumb nail is used to convert a larger graphic image to a small one basically it’s a small version of graphic. If you click a thumbnail its larger image is displayed.


Images are also called digital image or still image. Images are used to display any visual information such as graphs, pictures, logos, videos, drawings etc. an image can be electronically saved on your device storage easily if you want. Now a days digital cameras are widely used to take images. Images can be easily edited you can insert any text ,frame , date etc on your image.

Main difference between Graphics and Images:

  • Image contains 2 dimensional plane pixels in which every pixel has a domain colours where as a graphic can be 1 dimensional 2 dimensional or 3 or more than that.
  • You can scale graphics as small or large depending on your needs while you cant scale and image.
  • Images are made from thousands of tiny squares of pixels where as graphics are not.


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