Difference GPS and DGPS


The Global Positioning System its short form is GPS contains earth based receivers which accepts signals which are sent by satellite to identify the location of the receivers. GPS is mainly a system of navigation. Which is used to detect the location of the device and of a person carrying the GPS device. On the other hand Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) is the modified form of GPS. DGPS provide more accuracy about the location than the GPS.

Difference GPS and DGPS

Global Positioning System (GPS):

In simple words for you to understand GPS is a system of navigation it works mainly on signals and GPS device is connected to the satellite and earth based receivers. The receiver of GPS is a small device which have an antenna, a radio system and a powerful processor. Some of it contains a screen display too on which the location is showed on map. Now a days GPS is also present in your smart phones you have to on your GPS and in case if your smart phone is not with you  can easily find it by the GPS function.

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS):

DGPS is an enhanced and modified form of GPS. The DGPS is used to give more accurate location than the GPS. It gives 15 meter ordinary accuracy of GPS to 10 cm for best accuracy and visibility. The signals of the satellite moves with the speed of light in these navigations system which gives you live image and videos of the person. DGPS is more expensive than GPS and used only by the Government agencies for special purposes.

Main Diffference Between GPS and DGPS:

GPS is a navigation system used to show the location on the other hand DGPS is an enhanced form of GPS it is also used for locating but is better and more expensive than GPS. GPS is also present in smart phones and can be used by the ordinary person but DGPS is only used by Government Agencies for special purposes.

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