Difference between Virus and Bacteria

Virus  vs bacteria:

Viruses and bacteria both are microorganisms. Bacteria cause many diseases in the human body every time millions of bacteria alive in the human body. There are two types of bacteria some of which are good but the majority of bacteria are infecting badly on human body as well as our environment.

Virus is not remaining alive or activate on the dead surface. They want to live a body or tissues for survival and growth but it depends upon the type of virus.  Viruses and bacteria both reshape themselves to become more dangerous.

difference between bacteria vs virus

They both are very tiny particles its not possible to see it with human eyes. In common circumstances, the human immune system defeats the virus. But some time in very rare conditions the virus becomes dangerous and becomes the cause of death.

Virus :

The virus is very dangerous for humans and other living things also. Viruses come time by time and effect humans some are very dangerous and some are not much dangerous. And this is very tiny we can’t see without a microscope. In a few cases, viruses become viral and transfer to humans through humans.

Anyone meets with infected people and those people infect the viral type of viruses. Then other people also get hit from the virus.

 Bacteria :

There are trillions of bacteria in the world most of them are alive. Most of the bacteria that live in the human body are effect negative and some are good. Bacteria change their shape and also upgrade itself to give more tough time to the human immune system.

Bacteria easily survive in the human body as well as animals. But majority of bacteria killed by immune system but when they upgrade themselves self then it becomes more critical. Its become more difficult to kill virus for immune system at this situation Dr inject vaccine of that particular type of virus.


Main Difference between virus and bacteria:

The following are some of the major differences between virus and bacteria :

  • The virus is more dangerous and deadly as compared to bacteria.
  • The majority of viruses are transforming easily.
  • Bacteria are present almost everywhere.

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