Difference Between Trackball and Spaceball

Trackball VS Spaceball

The usage of a mouse as a pointing device is a common thing nowadays. The mouse is now considered as an old-fashioned device. There are many different and latest things available for you to use as a pointing device not just in computers but all other things which are compatible with these devices. The example of these devices are Trackball and the spaceball. These both devices are the latest pointing devices in the computing industry. These both devices are having balls or tracking balls by which we can control the pointers etc. These devices are just like the remote controls buthaving a little bit different structures.

Difference Between Trackball and Spaceball


A Trackball is a pointing device. This is a stationary pointing device having a ball on the top or on the side of the device. This device allows you to control the cursors and the pointers with your fingers or with your thumb etc. You are also able to control the pointer with your palm as well. A trackball is also known as the cursor controlling device in the computers and the laptops etc. This device is having a static ball which keeps on rotating at the same point without any movement. You can click, open and move any object you want to move.


As compared to the trackball the spaceball is also a pointing device having a ball. The ball present on this device is also a fixed ball. But we can use this device to enter the graphical data as well. Spaceball is now a widely used computer peripheral device. It uses the artificial cursor is the place of the real cursor of the computer systems. Labtec was the company who has introduced this device to all the computer users. It is a widely used device and it is used more than the trackball as well.

Difference Between Trackball and Spaceball

  • These both are the pointing devices and both work with the help of the ball. But the trackball uses the original pointer of the computer. While the spaceball uses an artificial pointer.
  • The trackball can move the objects and it can also open them and this is also used for the clicking purpose as well. While the spaceball is used for the rotation of the objects and to pan the objects as well as you can also zoom the objects with it.
  • A trackball is very much same as a normal mouse but the spaceball is more likely a 3D input device.

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