Difference between Tap Water and Bottled Water

Tap Water VS Bottled Water:

Tap water and bottled water both are totally different things. A huge difference between both of these bottled water is used for drinking and tap water use in washing and other kinds of daily routine works. Bottled water is the whole business and one of the most profitable businesses. Because people want pure and clean water for drinking and its also very necessary to maintain good health.

Difference between Tap Water and Bottled Water

Because dirty and unpurified water is the initial cause of many deadly diseases. 80% of the human body contains the water so the average human needs 2.7 to 3ltr water per day. Bottled water has now a billion $ industry around the world some companies store glaciers water directly and supply to customers but. What types of water cost very high as compare to normal bottled water.

Companies add some extra minerals and to increase the quality of water and the main source. Bottled water is springs and public water also used in bottled water but they process that type of water to clean its dirt.


Tap Water:

Tape water is basically water that the government stored for their particular areas and the main. Source of tap water is rain and areas where any kind of lake or canal has existed then government. Supply water from there but they clean and purified that type of water because. Many types of bacteria and viruses are present in open water like lakes and canal. Rainwater is also dirty because the municipal government has small dams to store rainwater.


Bottled Water:

The main use of bottled water is drinking. And the main source of bottled water is public water and springs and they add some. Minerals and very few companies add some flavor also but they charge high for flavor.


The main difference between Bottled Water and Tap Water:

The following are some of the major differences between Tap water and Bottled Water:

  • Tap water are mostly used in washing and the municipal government provides tape water. Through pipelines and they charge monthly tax. And bottled water is used in drinking and the main source of bottled water is springs.

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