Difference Between Suspension and Emulsion

Suspension VS Emulsion

Suspension and Emulsion are widely used terms in everyday life. In simple words, we can say that the suspension is a mixture of two or more substances. These both terms are presenting the mixtures. These mixtures can be of different properties as well. Emulsion, on the other hand, is also a form of the mixture but relatively different from the suspension. The suspensions can be easily divided into their components. If we talk about the emulsion then we can understand that the emulsion can be of different types as well. The emulsions can be homogeneous and as well as heterogeneous as well.

Difference Between Suspension and Emulsion


The origin of the word Suspension is the word suspend. It simply means that the particles of one substance have suspended in another.  A suspension is a mixture in which the particles of one substance are distributed in other substance. The mixture formed by this process is known as the Suspension. The suspensions can be separated into their components as well. For example, the water containing the mud. Or the water containing the sand particles are perfect examples of the suspensions. A Suspension is a combination of the liquid and the solid phases. One more interesting thing about the suspension is, in the suspension, we can easily see the solid components with naked eyes. The solid particles are going to settle down if the suspension is left for some time.


The emulsion is the name of another type of the mixture. An emulsion can be homogeneous as well as heterogeneous as well. The emulsion can or cannot be separated into its components but depends on the condition. Usually, emulsions are the combination of the two liquid mediums. The Emulsion is basically a subtype of the colloid. A common and everyday example of the emulsion is oil in the water. As compared to the suspensions, The particles of the emulsions are of relatively big size. If you need to make a more stable emulsion then you have to add the emulsifiers.

Difference Between Suspension and Emulsion

  • The suspensions are easily separatable. You can easily separate the solid particles present in the suspension. While we can separate or we cannot separate the emulsions. It is because the emulsions are the combination of two liquid phases. It all depends on the nature and the type of the substances.
  • Generally, the emulsion is the mixture of two immiscible fluids. While the suspension is a result of the addition of two substances from any phase.
  • If you need to make a stable emulsion then you can add the emulsifier in the mixture in order to make it more stable.

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