Difference between Space and Universe

Space vs universe:

Space and the universe are far different from each other. From the tiny particles of an atom to a massive matter, all things however it’s in the form of matter, gas, water, or in lava form all are under space. The universe is tiny part of space and earth is tiny part of universe all black hole under the universe.

Earth is a part of space but officially in definition earth is not the part of outer space. Outer space and space are the same some people pronounce outer space or some pronounce space. More than 500km of the thick layer is between earth and outer space here we are not talking about the ozone layer.

difference between space and universe

Space divided into many parts for better understanding. All of them different from each other that’s why it is classified into many sections according to their positions and main features.


Universe :

The universe is the mother of all things that exist in the galaxy. All things are under in the universe including sun, moon, stars, steroids, and ozone layer. Steroids and start all-time rotating across the universe once in a century or once in a 1000s year steroids hit the earth  . sometimes they hit with full intensity and some times its break into parts before reaching the earth.


Space :

Earth exists in space not the official definition. There is then 500 km thick layer between earth and space or we called outer space also. The atmosphere of the earth depends upon the atmosphere of space. Many other planets also exist in the space and they all take energy from solar.


Main Difference between space and universe :

The following are some of the major differences between the universe and space.

  • The universe is mother of space. space located in the universe and earth located in the space sun, moon, stars, steroids also locate in the space

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