Difference between Software and Hardware

Software VS hardware:

Software and hardware are two different components of the computer. Basically the computer falls into two parts one is software and the other one is hardware. They both perform different tasks from each other hardware is a physical device. Like a hard drive, ram, monitor, keyboard, and many other things in the computer called hardware. Some hardware like hard drive, ram, processor, graphic card, is help software to run without this type of hardware we cannot build any kind of software. Software is made according to the public need demand or personal demand FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, MS WORD, they are the most famous software nowadays.

difference between software and hardware

Computers need different kinds of software to perform any task. There are three main types of the software system software, application software, and programming software. All apps are called application software like CANVA, MS EXCEL, POHTOSOP, and many others. And system software is required to run a computer or any other program and program software are necessary to run any program or software that is created for any program to perform that particular task.



Software is a virtual thing we can create any software according to our need or we can create software according to our program need. In that kind of software which we create according to public demand or market need. In that software user, the experience is the main thing and plays a very vital role in success of software if we provide best user experience than user interaction is increase.



Hardware is a physical device or component on the computer. All physical things in the computer are called hardware like monitor, keyboard, mouse, ram, graphic card, webcam. Without some kind of hardware computer even not function without ram, hard drive, processor computer cannot perform any task.


The main difference between software and hardware:

The following are some of the major differences between software and hardware:

  • Software is a virtual thing and it is necessary to run a computer and other programs.
  • The hard drive is a physical device and major component of the computer

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