Difference between Science and Technology

Science VS Technology:

Technology and science both are two different things. Science is a knowledge-based field and technology is practical or physical things. In the technology field, tech companies study the market and recognized the main problem for this purpose. Every tech company has RND research and development department that the department has dedicated work. They research and find real problems of current days and they try to produce a good product. That product is a solution to that particular problem and some time product does not work perfectly in the first launch or first variant. Then RND research on that problem and launch an upgraded variant of that product.

Difference between Science and Technology

The main purpose of science is to find the philosophy of nature. And find the solution of modern problems and this is a fact that modern problems required a modern solution. Science study in a different field basically there is many types of scientist in the world. many scientists research space and they tried to find another planet like the world.



The main purpose of science is to discover new fundamentals and laws about nature. Medical science is also the most developed field nowadays. Because in the past some decades of medical science find the cure for many diseases and also give many ideas of instruments that can help in dangerous treatments.



Technology provides comfort because the main idea of technology is given the ease in human life. And technology evaluates its self on the next level. And they provide physical or virtual product in technology the decisions depend on data. They make decisions according to previous data.



The main difference between Science and Technology:

The following are some of the major differences between Science and Technology:

  • Technology is the physical field they also do research but their final product Is something physical and in science, they research different fields and also do experiment but after all process, they only release a statement according to that particular thing.

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