Difference between LLC and INC


The main difference between LLC and inc is LLC is a small business and organization were only a few.  A member who owns that company and there is no board of directories, high-level officers but there is. Some shareholders but these are not for every time usually they have few members who start the company and on the other. Hand inc is a big corporation they have a large number of employees and massive infrastructures in inc company the board of directories always exists. And they hire also big rank officers like CEO, HEAD MANAGER, MANAGER DIRECTOR, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, PRESIDENT also. All officers appointed by the board of directors actually a board of directors are a group of those members who own large numbers of company shares.

difference between llc inc

There are many differences in ownership of the LLC and inc company. In inc company, shareholders are real owner the manage all setup of the company they hire CEO and other management staff including president of the company. Sometimes the CEO also serves as chairmen of the board of director



LLC is a small company or organization when anyone wants to start a small business where very few people. Present in the board of directors and there is many more benefit for LLC companies in tax filing because. Llc is a small corporate business so they have many choices in tax filing government provide full taxation facility to LLC companies.



Inc is a large or mega-corporation when any group wants to start a mega-company then. They register their company as inc in government. They have to pay a big amount of taxes annually there is much difference registration fee of inc and LLC.



The main difference between LLC and INC:

The following are some of the major differences between LLC and INC:

  • Llc is the small corporation main difference is tax filing and there is no board of directors and big rank officers
  • Inc is a big corporate they have different tax filing plans. And different registration fees.

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