Difference between Jail and Prisons

Jail VS Prisons:

First of all prisons is much larger in space and in modern. Countries prisons have accommodation appliance also on and the basic rule is prisons build outside the city. Far away then population prisons are fully secured and organized. And criminals have their own duty in everyone who has different duties because of the need to run the whole process and for that purpose. They need manpower so they distribute work among prisoners every prisoner has their own punishments some are still on a court trial. Mean case is open and in some cases court announce a final verdict 1 year to 14 years in prison with work. But work is not compulsory for every prisoner they depend upon the level of crime.

Difference between Jail and Prisons

Jail located in the police station and jails is too small as compared to prison. Criminals who commit a small or low-level crime then police jailed that criminal for a short time maximum. Time is 1 year and the time of jail is also depends upon the level of crime. After the court trial, police shift criminals from jail to prison.



The criminal shift in jail when police want to interrogation and also when the case of that. A particular criminal is reopened court wants to start again that trail. But in most of cases police shift in prison because in the station they don’t have much space.



Prisons have the full step to security and accommodation because of criminal shift. To prison from jail in case of punishment where court announce punishment of more than 1 year in modern country prisons has entertainment also.


The main difference between Prisons and Jail:

The following are some of the major differences between Prisons and Jail:

  • Prisons are much larger as compared to jail. Because it is necessary to transfer criminals in prison after 1 year. Because jail has not many facilities.

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