Difference between Iodized Salt and Sea Salt

Sea Salt VS Iodized Salt:

There are two main types of salt iodized salt and sea salt. Sea salt further divide into 5 more types of gray salt, real salt, smoked salt, Celtic salt, and most famous and most expensive is pink Himalaya salt. The per-pound price of Himalaya salt is between 40$ to 55$. This all types of sea salt has different prices and taste. And the main thing is these all 5 types has a different function and health benefit. The main difference between iodized salt and sea salt is the source of extraction.

Difference between Iodized Salt and Sea Salt

Iodized salt extract from mine mostly salt mine located in the Asia region. Sea salt extract from seawater first they process seawater until the water starts evaporating. All types of sea salt sales directly without any processing and iodized salt need any kind of processing including chemical processing. Sea salt has natural mineral and iodized salt has artificial minerals. That’s why sea salt costly as compare to iodized salt and more healthy also.


Iodized Salt:

Iodized salt extract from salt mines and extraction salt from mine required the whole process. Iodized salt costs less and mostly American people use iodized salt. Because every 4th person in America has a deficiency of iodine taste of iodine is salt is very light. Because of minerals and extra artificial minerals.


Sea Salt:

Sea salt is one of the most famous salt nowadays because of its health benefits. Sea salt has more than 5 types and each type has its own benefit and different taste from each other.


The main difference between Sea Salt and Iodized Salt:

The following are some of the major differences between Sea Salt and Iodized Salt:

  • Sea salt extract from seawater and iodized salt extract from the salt mine. Sea salt has sharp in taste and iodized salt has lit in taste.

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