Difference between Equality and Equity

Equity VS Equality:

Equality and equity both are different situations. Equality means divide everything in the same amount among the people in equity. Government or other social departments does not make sure the need of people because every single person or family has different needs. But when we talk about equality then they distribute the same amount of any aids or money in citizens or poor peoples. And sometimes this strategy is right and in the case of mass distribution. Equality is a perfect way because inequality no one has right to complaining about government or any particular department. But every strategy has some pros and some cones some plans have many cons and some have less. There is no plane or strategy in the world with zero cons.

Difference between Equality and Equity

The scenario of equity is much different from equality. Because in the case of equity everyone gets resources or any other kind of stuff according to their need and this strategy is very perfect. For today’s world in 1st world countries like UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, ENGLAND, GERMANY, etc. government divide their resources according to equity theory they charged more taxes on rich. Citizens then spend that money on the development of poor citizens.



Equality means give the same rights, favor, help, aids, in some way or same amount.  The best way of tackle with nepotism is equality because in the system of equality or in the governance of equality every gets the same benefits.



Inequity every one can get according to their credibility and according to their needs. And this is the best method to supply resources to the real needy of that particular state. But in the case of mass distribution equity required more expense and time.


The main difference between Equity and Equality:

The following are some of the major differences between Equity and Equality:

  • Inequality everyone gets the same amount of any kind of stuff.
  • Inequity people get according to their ability and this is the best method to take on merit.

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