Difference between Efficient and Effective

Efficient VS Effective:

Effective and efficient both indicate two different meanings. Effective meaning do something that affects any process in a positive way or a negative way. Example polio effect Afghanistan badly, exercises or bodybuilding affect the body very well here in the case of. Bodybuilding we talking about a good effect or impact effect and impact both are the same meaning words. And the scenario of efficiency is totally different or you can say efficiency is the next step of effective. For example, a cricket player scores a century so that century effect the whole team in a good sense but. Another player achieves 100 runs in less ball so this century is effective but that player scores an efficient century.

Difference between Efficient and Effective



Any task which we do in the right way is called effective. Air conditioner affects human life very well but on the other hand, the air conditioner is not efficient enough because they consume much electricity but nowadays. Some manufacturer successful in the production of fuel-efficient air conditioner and there is many cars available with fuel efficiency quality. The car is the most effective invent by human but car is also not efficient because they consume a high amount of fuel in the early stages of manufacturing.



That kind of work which we complete with less effort, time, and fewer resources someone builds a. building with a high budget and also they consume more time but they deliver good quality. On the other hand, someone builds a building in less budget and time. And they also provide a good quality the second example is the main example of efficiency.


The main differences between Efficient and Effective:

The following are some of the major differences between Efficient and Effective:

  • Complete any task in proper form and direction is called effective. And perform any task in less time and resources called efficiency.

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