Difference between Condo and Townhouse

Condo VS Townhouse:

Townhouses and condos both are house types. And both have their own pros and cons it’s all about your choice some people want to live in condos and some want to live in townhouses. So there is no clear winner in the debate of condo vs townhouse. Basically, a condo is a building where many families lived and the owner of the land and other areas like the terrace and play area are owned by the builder or landowners.

They only sell units and complexes and all management of condo are also looked after by the landowner and them. Charge some bucks monthly and monthly maintenance depends upon the quality and. Services provided by landowners and builders in new projects you enjoy gym and swimming pools and different types of entertainments.

Difference between Condo and Townhouse

The landowner pays property tax in condos they charge you monthly you have to pay high HOA in condos as compare to the townhouse. In townhouse, you own land and all other yards of your particular plot or area other structures like schools, hospitals, markets, malls owned by town owner. Maintenance of all your yards depends on you. The owner should look after all things in the townhouse and the townhouse is also multi or tri stories.



In townhouse, you own plot and inside store as well. All yards are you some townhouse has backyards and gardens inside the boundaries of your house. The townhouse also called houses and all houses in town are built in a row.



The condo also called flats and stories. In condos you own only inside store or place and all maintenance is on the builder and condo owner. But they charge monthly bucks condos is in building structure and they cost less as compare to townhouses.


The main difference between Condo and Townhouse:

The following are some of the major differences between Townhouse and Condo:

  • A condo is a building structure you only own inside the store and the townhouse is a complete home. Including backyards and gardens, you own each and everything in townhouses.

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