Difference Between Compiler and Assembler

Compiler VS Assembler

There are many languages present to use for the developing the software. These compilers are made to do a simple work. In simple language, these are work on a very basic principle, They just read a code or a program written for the developing of the software. These can change this code written by the humans in the language of the humans to the language of the machine. This code written by the humans is known as the source code. This code written by the humans is considered as a high-profile language. These compilers convert this high-profile language to the simplest language for the machine/computer which is the binary language.


Difference Between Compiler and Assembler


The compiler works on a basic principle. It simply reads the whole program written on it. Then it converts the whole program to the machine/computer language. For this process, the compiler takes a lot of time to read the whole program or to analyze the whole program.  The compilers are generally the memory eaters. They need a lot of memory to complete their process. Because they create the object code by analyzing the program written on them. They work fast as compared to the interpreters. Because they have the very less execution time. In this process, the whole program doesn’t require to be created/compiled every time. Languages like to C and the C++ commonly used the compilers.


Assembler is also a compiler. But in the assembler, the source code is written in the Assembly language. This assembly language is a simple language. And this language is understandable by the humans as well. The work of an assembler is to convert the assembly language to the machine language. The assembler works on the principle of the one to one mapping translation. There are improvements coming in the assemblers day by day. They are becoming very easy and user-friendly programs to use as well. The latest editions of the assemblers work very efficiently and they help us in the debugging of the written code as well.

Difference Between Compiler and Assembler

  • The compiler is a simple program which converts the source code written by the humans to a machine language. While the assembler has a little bit different work, it converts the assembly language to the machine language.
  • Compilers work more directly than the assemblers. The compilers can convert the human written code in the machine language directly. But the assembler can’t do this at once. It converts a source code to an object code first then it converts the object code to the machine language with the help of the linker programs.


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