Difference between CEO and President

President and CEO:

There are many differences between the CEO and the President.  They both belong to the corporate world CEO and are the highest rank officer in any corporate or company. Even the president and CEO both are one of the highest ranks incorporate or organization but the president works under the CEO. The main difference is the CEO takes high-level decisions. Introduce the new product in the market acquires small competitor business related to that particular industry making the next 2 to 5 year strategies or full plan of the business. Ceo work under the board of directories they only give presentation or report to the board of director. And CEO is always selected by the board of directors some time CEO also works as a chairman of the board of directors.

Difference between CEO and President:

They change anything in that particular company CEO also changes the president, managing director, or any other post. Because all our work under the CEO instruction president is also a very high-rank officer CEO is the highest rank incorporate and the president is the number 2 officer in the company.



The highest rank officer in the company prepares and make strategies of company. They also look after the management of the whole company from the office to the production plant. Ceo is also worked as a chairman of board director but mostly they work under the board of directors and also selected by board of directors.



President is the 2nd highest rank in any corporate the real job of the president is to manage the whole. Company including the production plant they report to the CEO of the company and they also work accordingly CEO advice. Basically they follow the strategy of the CEO.


The main difference between President and CEO:

The following are some of the major differences between President and CEO:

  • Ceo is the highest rank officer in any company. They directly work under the board of directors.
  • The President works under the CEO and they also report tha CEO.

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