Difference between Blood and Lymph

blood  vs. lymph:

blood is the most significant part of the body. Without blood, we can not breathe because blood supplies oxygen to the whole body. On the other side, lymph is also played a very vital role in the human body, commonly, lymph is known to the police of the body. Because it is a part of the immune system and lymph has no color, its completely colorless substance lymph contains minerals, but protein is the absence in the lymph.

Blood also helps to maintain body temperature and work as a transport agent vital thing in which blood is supply is oxygen. After oxygen, blood supply protein to the whole body, especially to muscle and its provide enzyme and all other necessary items. Blood fulfills all body needs, and lymph looks after the defense of all body from harm full bacteria and viruses.

difference between blood and lymph


This is a red color substance in simple words its red color liquid. It is a very major component of the body because all the need of the body is full filled by blood and helps the body in to maintain its temperature. And provide protein to the muscle without blood your body not survive a single second some people have access blood then they start donating.



lymph is a colorless substance present in the body; this is a part of the immune system.  Lymph mainly contains white blood cells and a lack of red blood cells and protein. Lymph is the police of the body because it belongs to the immune system.


Main Difference between blood and lymph:

The following are some of the significant differences between lymph and blood.

  • Blood is a red color liquid.
  • Lymph is colorless
  • Blood transport oxygen and protein
  • Lymph transport minerals like zinc etc. lymph are also lacked in protein
  • Blood is rich in protein

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