Difference between Axis and Orbit

Axis Vs Orbit:

Usually the Earth’s rotation axis is termed relative to the space orbit which revolves around the sun. This imaginary plane is usually referred to as ecliptic plane. It is known as the position of Earth’s axis and is 23 degree relative to the orbit plane usually around the sun. Most of the students of astrology are confused between these two terms here in this article we are about to pinpoint you some of the major differences between an Axis and orbit.

Axis vs orbit


Axis is referred to as an imaginary line on which a body rotates. Earth usually revolves on its axis once every 24 hours. Geometry defines axis as an imaginary straight line which passes through a symmetrical solid, on which the figure of the plane can be conceived as rotating to generate a sold. In simple language axis refers to an imaginary line which divides anything into two equal parts.


Physics defines orbit as the gravitationally curved trajectory of a specific object like the trajectory of a planet around the star or it can be a natural satellite around the planet. In simple language orbit is a regularly repeating trajectory but it can also be referred to as a nonrepeating trajectory.

Main difference between Axis and Orbit:

The following are some of the major differences between axis and orbit.

  • Axis refers to an imaginary line which is created by human mind and on which something rotates while on the other hand orbit is a regularly repeated elliptical course generally of a celestial object or a space craft for a planet or star.
  • Axis is an imaginary line so it can be either true or false its not certain that the specific object revolve around it but orbit is true and does not have any doubt.

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