Difference between Award and Reward

Award Vs Reward:

Award and reward sounds the same and are also considered as the same but they are quite different from each other An Award is a prize which is provided to the person in front of the mass public for better performance to encourage the person or to motivate him to perform more better in the future whereas on the other hand reward is not provided in front of the public its provided to the person for its better performance and is usually in the form of any compensation.

difference between reward and award


Award is basically a recognition which is provided to the individual or organization for achieving something big. Award is usually in the form of gifts, prizes, accolade, certificates etc. Awards are usually a mark of someone’s excellence or contribution towards a specific field. Award is usually provided in front of mass public.


Reward is a benefit or compensation provided to an individual for his hard work in order to achieve something. Reward is usually a fair return for the services which the person rendered. Reward is usually in the form of cash or other financial help in order to help someone in need. It is not necessary that reward can be given in front of the public but it can also be provided in private.

Main Difference between Award and Reward:

The following are some of the major differences between award and reward giving.

  • Award is an honor provided to a person for achieving something noteworthy whereas on the other hand reward is a recognition for someone’s efforts and contribution.
  • Award is given in front of the public whereas reward is given in private.
  • Nomination process is involved in Award giving process while there is no nomination process in reward giving process.

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