Difference between Avenge and Revenge

Avenge Vs Revenge:

Avenge is a verb and revenge is a noun. Avenge means to punish someone for his wrongdoing with the aim of justice while on the other hand revenge is not for justice or society it is personal and is usually referred to the act of harming someone who had harmed you before in any sense or way. Avenge is done for the betterment of the society and prohibits other from doing any bad act while to take revenge is to satisfy oneself it is not for the society it is for the person himself.

Difference between Avenge Revenge


The term avenge refers to punish someone who had done anything wrong for the sake of justice. The examples of avenge are our local courts and police system who punish those who try or done any harm to other. Avenge is done for the sake of justice and to prohibits other to do any bad deed. For a country or area strong Avenge system is very essential.


Revenge is a noun which refers to giving harm to other as a result of his harm for personal satisfaction. While comparing to avenge revenge is more personal and is not taken by court or law but it is taken by the person himself. Revenge is for personal satisfaction and usually occurs as a result when someone does any harm to other and the other person harm him back as his revenge.

Main difference between Avenge and Revenge:

The following are some of the major differences between avenge and revenge.

  • To punish someone by court for his bad deed refers to avenge is done for the sake of law and justice while on the other hand revenge is personal and is taken as a result of harm done by other and then the affected person harm back.


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