Difference between Author and Writer

Author and Writer:

A writer is someone who writes a book, an article, any literary piece while on the other hand an author is someone who originates a new idea, plot or the content of a work being written. Author and a writer can be the same person if someone originates a new idea and then write it down in the form of a book or article. Its not necessary that every writer will be an author.

Author vs Writer



Author is basically a creator of a written work including book, play and is also a writer. In other words an author is a person creates an idea, originates a character or give existence to something and his authorship determines the responsibility for what he has created.


A writer is someone who uses written words in different styles and techniques in order to communicate his idea. The job of the writer is to produce different forms of literary art and creative writings which includes novels, different short stories, screen plays, poetry etc. Writers provide different news articles in news papers and different other written materials in which the public is interested. Skilled writers are given much respect all over the world because they communicate the idea and introduce their culture to the world.

Main Difference between Author and Writer:

The following are some of the major differences between Author and a Writer.

  • An author is someone who creates a new idea and communicate this idea in the form of a written form to the world. Whereas on the other hand its not necessary for the writer to think about a new idea or new concept he can write about any existing topic or idea.
  • An author can be the writer of his work but a writer cannot be an author.

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