Difference between Attitude and Behavior

Attitude Vs Behavior:

According to Psychology you can easily judge someone by its attitude and behavior because these two elements tells about the nature and character of a person. Most of the time people are confused between attitude and behavior and take them as a same thing but they are not. In fact attitude and behavior are quite different from each other. The term Attitude involves a person’s mind predisposition to different ideas, values, systems, people, institutions etc. while on the other hand behavior means the actual expression of action, feelings or other external stimuli in the form of words or body language.

Attitude VS Behavier


Attitude is basically a psychological construct and a mental and emotional entity that shapes the character of a person. Attitude is very complex and is commonly an acquired state normally from experience.


Behavior is a broad term that covers a range of actions and different manners that are made by individuals, systems or any artificial entity by conjunction with their environment, which also includes other environments different things or living organisms around us. In simple language behavior refers to the action which the person performs as a result of internal or external input.

Main difference between Attitude and Behavior:

The following are some of the major differences between attitude and behavior.

  • Attitude means a stand point or a stance a person has towards someone or something whereas on the other hand behavior means a way in which one acts or shows oneself specially towards others.
  • Attitude is basically influenced by environmental factors, experiences and moral values whereas on the other hand behavior is usually influenced by attitude character traits and from different external actions.
  • Attitude can be positive or negative whereas on the other hand behavior is usually innate and can be learned.

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