Difference between Atom and Molecule

Atom Vs Molecule:

All matters are made up of tiny particles called Atoms. In Atom the nucleus is surrounded by electrons. In atom Electrons are negatively charged particles that revolves around the nucleus whereas protons are positively charged particles. There are a lot of differences between Atoms and Molecules. Similar atoms combine together to form different molecules. On this platform we are about to show you some of the major differences between Atom and Molecules.

Difference between Atom and Molecule


Atom is tiny particle which makes up all the matter of the world. Atom contains the properties of a chemical element. All the solid, liquid, gas or plasma or anything which you see around yourself is composed up of ionized or neutral atoms. Atoms are very small in size typically the size of an atom is 100 picometers.


Two or more atoms of the same elements combine together to form a molecule. A molecule may be homo nuclear or it may be hetero nuclear. Homo nuclear means to contain elements of only one chemical element whereas hetero nuclear means to contain elements of two or more chemical elements.

Main Differences between Atom and Molecule:

The following are some of the major differences between atom and molecule.

  • Atom is the smallest particles which combines together to form a matter whereas a molecule is made up of two or more atoms.
  • Atom contains protons, electrons and neutrons whereas all molecules are made up of two or more atoms. Atoms in the molecules may be of same element or different elements.
  • Atom is its typical form is not stable alone whereas molecule in its typical form is stable.
  • One of the major feature of Atom is it cannot be separated into subatomic particles by chemical reactions whereas a molecule can be separated into atoms with the help of chemical reactions.

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