Difference Between Asphalt And Bitumen

Asphalt Vs Bitumen:

Asphalt refers to a liquid binder which is used to hold Asphalt together. Asphalt and Bitumen are used while making a traffic road. Bitumen Sealed road contains a layer of bitumen sprayed over it and then is covered with aggregate and is then repeated to give a second coat seat. Asphalt is generally produced in a plant that mixes, dries and heat the aggregate, sand and bitumen into a mix composite.

Difference Between Asphalt And Bitumen


Asphalt is generally a product made up of stone mixture, gravel and sand. In order to hold these thing Asphalt cement is used. Making a road with Asphalt is for longer period of time there is no need to replace Asphalt road because it is very durable and strong. Asphalt road is very expensive in terms of cost but it provide a long lasting result.


There are two ways of constructing a road one is Asphalt and the other one is Bitumen. Bitumen is an incorrect name used to describe the Asphalt. Bitumen is generally an oil base product and can also be referred to semi solid hydrocarbon product. Bitumen is obtained during the refining process from separating the petroleum gas, petrol and diesel from crude oil.

Main Differences between Asphalt and Bitumen:

  • Asphalt is basically a product that refers to the combination of gravel and bitumen for the construction of roads while on the other hand Bitumen is a natural product used for road construction.
  • Asphalt is a mixture of products used for the manufacturing of roads while Bitumen is a single component of an Asphalt.
  • Bitumen is a liquid Binder which is used to hold the Asphalt product together while on the other hand Asphalt is a name of a mixture made up of different items used for the manufacturing of road.

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