Difference Between Article and Research Paper

Article Vs Research Paper:

Both Research paper and article papers are pieces of writing which needs critical analysis, inquiry, insight and presentation of specific skills from experienced scientists or new students. Research papers are quite a headache for students. Most of the peoples and students are quite confused between the term research paper and article paper because they are quite similar to each other.

Difference Between Article and Research Paper

Article Paper:

Article paper means when you publish your findings about any specific topic or find any solution to a specific problem. Article paper is usually published by Scientists. Article paper is the original document which presents the findings and solutions in which facts and figures and relevant data is attached with it. It may be of one page or more than one page.

Research Paper:

In modern Age Research is given much importance by different academic organization through all over the world. In different schools research activity starts at early stages in the form of assignments because it is one of the best form of self learning. Research papers written by students in schools or universities are quite different from those of written by scientist because of the difference between the knowledge and experience of Scientists and students.

Main Differences between Article and Research paper:

The following are some of the major differences between Article and research papers.

  • There is not any major difference between an Article paper and a Research paper because both of them are original papers with relevant data and findings.
  • The research and findings of students in schools and universities are referred as research papers whereas the findings and solutions to problems by scholors and scientists are referred to as Article papers.
  • Article papers are much more complex and full of knowledge because they are written by experts.

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