Difference Between Application Software and System Software

Application Software Vs System Software:

Application software are used to perform specific tasks. Whereas system software are commonly installed on the computer system with the operating system when it is installed. Application software are usually installed according to the requirement of the user. While user does not interact directly with system software because it works in the back ground and provide basis for the application software to work.

Difference Between Application Software and System Software

Application Software:

Application software is a specific software which is designed to perform a group of different functions, tasks or different other useful activities for the user. Word processor, accounting applications, games, web browsers, media player, video players, photo editor are the examples of application software. Application software fulfills the requirements of the user. Application software works with the help of system software. Without system software application software cannot run on computer.

System Software:

System software is a software which is designed in a way to provide platforms to different other software. Operating systems such as macOS, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows are the examples of system software. System software does not interact with the user directly. Application software are dependent on system software whereas system software are independent of application software.

Main differences between Application Software and System Software:

The following are some of the major differences between these two software.

  • System software provide platform to other software while application software are designed to perform specific tasks for users.
  • System software are used to manage the resources of a computer i.e both hardware and software whereas application software performs certain useful tasks required by the user to perform.
  • System software starts their function when you open your computer and ends when you close it whereas application software runs only when they user needed its functions and services.

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