Difference Between Application and Software

Application Vs Software:

Every computer consists of two main components such as: Hardware and Software. Hardware refers to all the tangible objects which you can see and feel such as mouse, CPU, monitor, speakers etc whereas software are certain programs which are stored inside the memory of the computer and are not tangible. These intangibles programs are known as software. App or application refers to a type of software called as application software present inside the memory of the computer and is used by the user for different tasks in order to get the job done by the computer itself.

Difference Between Application and Software


Application is a type of software which is used to perform specific tasks for the user. Application software is a sub type of software. Applications software are accounting applications, video editing applications, mp3 players, photo editor etc. application software are stored in the data of the computer and are intangible objects. Application software are usually user dependent. User can operate it when he wants a specific to be done.


All the apps and intangible elements of a computer system are known as software. There are a lot of software in a computer system which perform different tasks for the users. Application software is a type of a software.

Main differences between Application and Software:

The following are some of the major differences between application and software.

  • Software refers to computer data while on the other hand application is basically a type of software which is designed to perform a specific task.
  • The major difference between application and software is that an application is always executable whereas may or may not be executable.
  • Applications are mainly operating system specific whereas software are not operating system.
  • Application are dependent on user interaction whereas software does not require user’s interaction normally.

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