Difference Between Analog and Digital Computer

Analog Computer VS Digital Computer

We all know that a computer is an everyday machine and it is present in the every office and in the every home as well. The computer has made our lives much easier. Basically, it was a calculation machine but nowadays it is used for almost everything in the normal routine. From the calculation to the medical, from the industries to the gaming. It covers all the aspects of the life now. There are different types of the computers. Tablet computers, laptop computers, normal desktop computers, networking computers, as well as the super computers are some types of the computers. On the basis of the functionality, we can divide them into two main categories like the analog and the digital computers.


Difference Between Analog and Digital Computer

Analog Computer

The analog computers are the computers which can handle the more variable data and the more variable factors given by the users. There are many significant differences between them as well. There is a huge difference between the output of the analog computer from a digital. An Analog computers display’s the voltages and the voltage signals. There is a set of the analog meters present on the analog computers and they read the voltage signals and display them. You require the sub-systems in order to perform the function of the programming on the analog computers.

Digital Computer

The digital computers are the computers we are using on the daily basis. All the computers present around us are the digital computers. This type of the computer displays the numbers and the letters or may be the graphical outputs on the screen. This computer gains the signals from the users. Users can input the commands with the help of input devices like the keyboard and the mouse. the programming of the digital computer is relatively easy than the analog computer. These computers can size from a mini computer to the room-sized supercomputers full of microprocessors.

Difference Between Analog and Digital Computer

  • The Analog computers are relatively old computers. While the digital computers are of new age, as it is clear from their names.
  • Analog computers can not be used for the multipurpose objectives. It is hard to do the multi-tasking on the analog computer. While we can use the digital computers for multipurpose work as well. It is easy to perform a multi-task on the digital computer.
  • The main difference between the analog and the digital computer is, how they process and how they handle the data.
  • The usage of the analog computers is very less as compared to the digital computers in the real world.
  • The analog computers use a number of the capacitors and the resistors in order to perform the action/execute the command. While the digital computers use the microprocessors and other different computing chips like the Ram memory and the hard disk drive for the storage purpose. With the help of all these things, a digital computer executes the commands given by the users.

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