Difference Between AI and Machine Learning

AI Vs Machine Learning:

In a machine learning system a machine can learn by its own without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is the application of AI which gives ability to the system to automatically learn and improve from experience.

Difference Between AI and Machine Learning


In computer science, AI or artificial intelligence also can be called machine intelligence refers to the intelligence which is demonstrated by machines. Artificial intelligence is the opposite of human and animal intelligence. AI is very effective because it observes its environment and decides what action is more suitable in the time. AI learns from experience. Robots, some advance computer systems are the product of AI. AI is very useful and have some effective applications which makes the life better for us.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning or ML is the study of algorithms and statistical models which a computer system uses in order to perform different tasks without the use of explicit instructions, instead of relying on patterns and inference. Machine learning is basically a subset of Artificial intelligence and depends on AI. Machine learning gathers a mathematical data and arrange it in a meaningful manner and then take a decision without any instructions from someone.

Main differences between AI and Machine Learning:

The following are some of the major differences between AI and machine learning.

  • AI is the product of human intelligence that is designed to solve different problems that may be simple or complex while machine learning provides ability to the machine to learn and understand without being explicitly programmed.
  • The purpose of AI intelligence is to prepare the machine in such a way that it can perform the tasks more like humans whereas machine learning enables the computer system to think in a way that we think about different problems and situations.

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