Difference between Agile and Waterfall

Agile Vs Waterfall:

Agile and Waterfall are both software development methodologies. The difference between Agile and Waterfall software development methodology arises in their individual approach towards quality and testing. Waterfall is basically a structured software development methodology and works in a rigid time frame whereas on the other hand Agile software development methodology is best known for its flexibility.

Difference between Agile and Waterfall


Agile Software development methodology is basically an umbrella term which covers different methods and practices which are based on the values and principles pre expressed in the agile manifesto. Solutions are created and implemented through collaboration between self organizing cross functional teams. Key Agile concepts include: User Stories, Daily Meetings, Incremental Development, Iterative Development, Team, Milestone Retrospective and Personas.


Waterfall is the first model introduced for software development. Waterfall software development methodology is also known as Linear sequential life cycle model. The Software development method in waterfall is shown in a linear sequential flow. Waterfall model consist of Six major steps such as: Step 1 Requirement Analysis, Step 2 System Design, Step 3 Implementation, Step 4 System Testing, Step 5 System Deployment, Step 6 System Maintenance.

Main Differences between Agile and Waterfall:

The following are some of the major differences between Agile and Waterfall software development methodology.

  • Both Agile and Waterfall are software development methodologies but agile uses iterative approach while on the other hand waterfall uses sequential approach for software development.
  • Agile methodologies are best suited in a situation where the scope of the project is unknown whereas on the other hand Waterfall is best suited where the scope of the project is known.
  • Agile allows and have a room for changes because the project starts with a simple design whereas on the other hand there is no room for changes in the waterfall software development methodology.

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